The Corsair…

It’s been a while since I introduced a new character from #WLT, but my Russian connection Karina just came through with some new artwork, so…

Ayla Hatun, or, Lady Ayla, is Mustafa Ali’s beautiful cousin and a leader of the rebel band known as the Ottoman Corsairs. Wily and resourceful, Ayla isn’t know for running into battle, but when Adrian needs information on activities in the Ottoman quarter of Civitate Dei, she proves an indispensable ally.

Look for Ayla to reappear in Book Two of the First Earth series, currently WIP!


“You’ll make a fine eunuch, Mustafa Ali.”

“Mustafa Ali! Do your duty as a man and protect me from this assassin!”

“What lunacy is this? Janissaries kidnapping Christians on the streets of their holy city? Selim Bey will provoke a Crusade right here, and for what?”

“Every man in there is a traitor to his God-anointed sovereign—my uncle. I help you strike at my enemies, and you take the responsibility, and the blame. It is as if the Almighty himself dropped you in my lap.”



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    • She got the face perfect! Her interpretation of the clothes is a little less ornate and exotic than I picture, but everyone’s interpretation will be a little different.

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