Sabine Isolde Adler is the owner and operator of the Bee’s Knees public house in Christendom’s capitol city, Civitate Dei. A prim and proper churchgoer by day, at night she runs a thriving underground trade in banned Machina, and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty…or bloody…in the process.

When Adrian of Tarsus needs help identifying and activating a newly won technological relic, he coerces Mustafa into making the long journey to consult Sabine despite the fact that neither man has had the best of relations with the headstrong blonde. But Sabine is the best around, and if she doesn’t know a relic works, she has contacts who do. What could possibly go wrong?


“I am sorry for offending Thee, God, and I promise that, someday, I will sin no more. Amen.”

“Just make sure they don’t kill him before he talks.”


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