Here she is…

Mariel is Adrian of Tarsus’ adopted daughter and squire. Brash and inquisitive, she has a knack for slaughtering Adrian’s sacred cows. As the daughter of a knight, her prowess with arms is not to be underestimated, but her true potential lies undiscovered. And it will remain undiscovered unless Adrian can unlock the clues to her past and save her life.

Mariel isn’t one to take ‘no’ for an answer. She absorbs everything Adrian teaches her, and more, like a sponge. Despite her nonconformist streak, she takes great pride in her position as squire to Knight-Lieutenant Adrian of Tarsus, who is surely the best swordsman and most handsome, dashing knight in the Hospitaler Order of Saint John of Jerusalem…and Malta…and Rhodes…and Valette…et ceteraad nauseum.


“Really, Adrian? A man ought to be able to tell the difference between a girl and a woman. I’m fourteen years old.”

“You want me to kill the next dozen Saracens I see, rally the knights, and save the town from pillage?”

“Won’t you kiss me, just one time, as you would a woman?”


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