The hero…

Adrian of Tarsus is a Knight Hospitaler in the service of the Universal Church. Having seen his share of war and crusade, he now serves his Order and his Pope as the Militium Publicanus–military tax collector–aboard Mustafa Ali Pasha’s trading ship, the Miranda. It would be an easy life, were it not for Mustafa’s eccentricities and Adrian’s ever more desperate need to find a cure for his daughter Mariel’s strange affliction.

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Say hello to…

We have only four days until the eBook launches, so how about I introduce one of our four protagonists each day as a sort of countdown? Let’s get started then!

Mustafa Ali Pasha is an Ottoman merchant and black-marketeer who owns the Miranda, a cargo ship that he uses to trade, often in Christian space. As such, Adrian of Tarsus was assigned to the ship four years ago as militium publicanus–military tax collector–to ensure that Mustafa pays his trade tithes down to the last copper bit.

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